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Sparkling Dreams
Unveiling Talent

Presenting the “Tiny Gala – The International Kids Pageant 2024,” the inaugural event by Queen’s Fashion Show Event dedicated exclusively to kids, set to enchant Dubai, UAE. This unique pageant is a delightful celebration of youthful style, where we’ll unveil the latest trends in children’s fashion, styling, and accessories. Bursting with vibrant colors and sprinkled with entertainment, our goal is to highlight the creativity of our international kid designers.

This event provides a golden opportunity for budding young stylists to make a captivating debut, captivating a sizable high-class audience at our special kids’ fashion show. At QIFE, we firmly believe that prosperity isn’t just defined by winning awards; it’s the incredible journey to achieve them that truly matters.

Our focus is on fostering a positive environment, providing professional growth opportunities for our young participants in a fun and nurturing setting. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to showcase the extraordinary talent of our little ones at the Tiny Gala – The International Kids Pageant 2024!



In association with Fashion TV, we aim to deliver a distinctive and captivating fashion experience to enthusiasts across the globe. This collaboration promises substantial benefits to our event, as it enables us to promote fashion and celebrate industry excellence effectively. With Fashion TV leveraging its channels to promote our event on family-friendly platforms, we’re thrilled to expand our reach and achieve our objectives together.

Royal Elegance Unveiled: Her Highness Sheikha Mahra Joins Tiny Gala 2024!

Introducing Sheikha Mahra, the esteemed daughter of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Renowned as a princess, philanthropist, businesswoman, and online influencer, Sheikha Mahra is celebrated for her unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes.

Born on February 26, 1994, Sheikha Mahra, at 29 years old, embodies grace and leadership. Her educational journey began in a prestigious private institute in Dubai before she pursued higher studies in London, where she earned a degree in International Relations.

We are honoured to announce Sheikha Mahra as the Chief Guest for the upcoming Tiny Gala event. Her esteemed presence promises to elevate the event’s stature and attract more attention. Join us as we welcome Sheikha Mahra and celebrate the spirit of compassion and excellence together!

K I D S W I TH W I N G S 2 0 2 4

Celebrating courage and diversity

Elevate inclusivity with our special run way category, Providing a platform for physically challenged kids to show case  their confidence and flair. A ramp designed for all, enjoyable experiences for  every child with specially designed ramps ensuring accessability for all.

Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make this world a beautiful garden.


Pioneering Platform

The Tiny Gala - The International Kids Pageant 2024 is not just an event; it's a pioneering platform. It marks the inception of the first-ever kids' segment in Dubai, creating a historic milestone in the local fashion industry.

Luxury and Entertainment

Our event is not just about fashion; it's an introduction to luxury and entertainment. We believe in shaping the future stars of the fashion industry, providing a genuine and memorable experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Building Confidence

Engaging the Young Minds: Beyond a mere competition, this event is about fostering confidence and igniting creativity in our youngest talents. By engaging minds aged 2.5 to 15, we aim to provide a unique gateway to the enchanting world of fashion, where every child can feel like a star.


Recognition & Exposure

International Recognition: Gain attention from a global audience in the fashion industry, ensuring widespread exposure.

Media Coverage: Secure extensive coverage in the media, highlighting both participants and the event.

Awards & Honors

Distinct Awards for Each Category: Recognize excellence in the junior (3-8 years) and senior (9-15 years) age groups.

2025 Calendar Shoot Inclusion: Feature winners in a professionally shot calendar, adding a touch of glamour.

Gifts & Grooming

Exclusive Gift Hampers: Winners receive special gift hampers as a token of appreciation.

Professional Grooming: Provide grooming sessions to enhance participants’ confidence and style.

Brand Ambassador Opportunities

Announcement for Both Age Categories: Unveil brand ambassadors, providing unique opportunities for kids to represent reputable brands.

Universal Participation

Inclusive Age Range: Welcome applications from 2.5 to 15 years, ensuring a diverse and inclusive participant pool.


QIFE was founded in 2020 with the motive of empowering, encouraging, and providing a forum for young and middle-aged adults to showcase their strengths, inner beauty, and identities, and grow group capacity building. We remain committed to raising the bar for pageant management. Queen’s International aims to enable a woman’s aspirations and assist her in roaring like a lioness. 

Our Mission

QIFE’s ultimate goal is to promote woman empowerment by enabling women to follow their dreams of becoming fashion icons, enhancing leadership qualities, strengthening their abilities, and help them to showcase their inner talents to the world boldly. We hope to instill in contestants the value of uplifting fellow-being, fostering intercultural practices, upgrading the respect for women, and help them gain confidence to face challenges in this society with a brave heart.

our vision

“Hard work and perseverance pays off” is the motto behind QIFE. Our mission is to empower, encourage, and embrace a community that realizes their potential, power, independence and is competent young ladies who can do everything they put their minds onto. Via leadership mentoring, capacity building, and partnership, we inspire to build strong women to grow with a sense of self-esteem, trust, and nation-building for a better tomorrow.

Let your light shine bright,
little ones. You are each
a masterpiece in the making


Tiny Dreams , Big Sparkles!


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