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Every woman born on this planet has a smile and a heart filled with kindness that could change this world, also every woman has a dream to pursue for which she requires a platform that helps her to fulfill her dreams. Hence, Queen’s International aims to enable a woman to aspire and assist her to roar like a lioness by giving them a platform to learn from the Lioness herself who is fierce as well as tender, strong, and vital to her pride. Like a Lioness that awakens from her slumber, a majestic representation of courage, ambition, and grace. Her sheer presence commands the environment, defends her cubs, and gives the lion strength

The divine feminine is as fierce and tenacious as she is tender, cuddly, and purring. She has the ability to move at any time, and it is ALL real and important. When lionesses band together, they become an innovative and political force to be reckoned on, working as a unit to transform the world around them. Today’s lady, like the lioness, does it all. She works full-time and then returns home to be a wife, mother, and friend.

Don’t you think it is time for the lioness to be recognized? For decades, women have ruled the world from behind the scenes, but they no longer prefer to do so. Moving to the fore, though, entails accepting liability. Why shouldn’t the queens of our daily lives move with the faith of a sovereign monarch, much like the lioness?
According to the Lioness, there is enough strength flowing through the Earth for every woman to stand tall in her own way. We flourish as sisters when we work together when we believe that there will be enough food, power, clients, beauty, wealth, and energy for us all to RISE ABOVE. QIFE was founded in 2021 with the goal of empowering, encouraging, and providing a forum for young and middle-aged adults a platform to showcase their strengths, inner beauty, identities, and grow group capacity building. We remain committed to raising the bar for fashion event management.

Our Mission

QIFE’s ultimate goal is to promote woman empowerment by enabling women to follow their dreams of becoming fashion icons, enhancing leadership qualities, strengthening their abilities, and help them to showcase their inner talents to the world boldly. We hope to instill in contestants the value of uplifting fellow-being, fostering intercultural practices, upgrading the respect for women, and help them gain confidence to face challenges in this society with a brave heart.

our vision

Hard work and perseverance pays off” is the motto behind QIFE. Our mission is to empower, encourage, and embrace a community that realizes their potential, power, independence and is competent young ladies who can do everything they put their minds onto. Via leadership mentoring, capacity building, and partnership, we inspire to build strong women to grow with a sense of self-esteem, trust, and nation-building for a better tomorrow.

Queen’s International strives to inspire women to fulfill their fantasies of becoming fashion icons while remaining true to their conventional and cultural identities. QIFE is a movement that uses an impactful concrete framework to inspire and shape women, as well as to guide their inner calling with excitement

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